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Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fence, Louisville, KY

Raatz installed the Chain Link Fence Churchill Downs

Raatz Fence Co. offers chain link in both galvanized and vinyl coated finish for both residential and commercial applications.  Residential weight chain link is available in heights ranging from 36” tall to 72” tall;  commercial weight chain link is available in heights ranging from 36” tall to 144” tall, and is usually available in 2” mesh.

Tennis court mesh is available in both galvanized and vinyl coated finish with a 1 ¾” mesh. 
Vinyl coated chain link is primarily offered in the following colors:  brown, black, and two shades of green.  Other colors can be available but are special order and are usually more expensive.

Chain link gates, in either galvanized or vinyl coated finish, are custom made to fit your needs.  They can be swing gates, single or double, or cantilever gates that can slide completely out of the way. 

There are also products to create a “privacy screen” look in chain link fence.  There are slats in vinyl that are installed vertically in chain link fence and can afford some much needed coverage around air conditioner units, pool equipments or anywhere else where privacy is desired.  These slats are available in eight colors:  forest green, midnight black, sierra brown, snow white, cape cod gray, redwood, sky blue or beige.

A mesh product is also available that can be attached to new or existing chain link fences with grommets and zip ties.  This mesh screening comes in many colors with a percentage of coverage from 35% to 98